The Struggle is Real During Covid-19
The Flushing Christian Outreach Center is still open distributing food and personal items to those who need it despite the coronavirus outbreak.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the hard-working volunteers who leave the safety of their homes to help feed the hungry.  They are the most dedicated and compassionate people with which I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside.  Thank you, faithful servants!

The Flushing Christian Outreach Center operates a variety of innovative direct-service programs that not only solve the immediate problem of hunger but also strive to end hunger by helping families and individuals to gain long-term food security, enjoy better health outcomes, and achieve self-sufficiency.  Whoever might be in need – a family facing financial crisis due to an economic downturn, an older adult having a hard time making ends meet on a fixed income, a veteran experiencing challenges after years of brave service, or a child without access to enough to eat – our top priority is to feed the hungry. 
We also clearly need support from donors to continue providing services during this crisis.  If you have been grocery shopping since the coronavirus was updated to a global pandemic, you have likely noticed it is harder to find staple foods, toiletries, and cleaning products.  Supply shortages are frustrating for your average person, but for those already facing food insecurity without a global pandemic, the situation is more dire.  To combat food insecurity in the wake of the coronavirus, we are reaching out to the community to help us provide to those in need.  Our dream is to end the scourge of hunger, forever – we hope you will join us in the fight!


On behalf of the Southern Care Hospice Services, Theresa Faith, Director of Operations, brought in a check to go toward feeding our hungry neighbors.  She told us the story about how the Southern Care Hospice Nurses collected money to donate to FCOC during Nurses Month.  I have always known that people in health care to have giving hearts, but it is incredibly humbling to know that these nurses traded their recognition for a amazing act of kindness.
Employees from Foresters Granting Program, lead by Tom Hutson, Past President of the Michigan Regional Chapter, prepared 40 boxes of nonperishable items and personal care products which we received for distribution to our clients. These basic items are so important to people in need when food is the top priority. Thank you to everyone who took part of supplying the FCOC with such a tremendous gift!!!


Garrett Schaibly finished his Eagle Scout projects for FCOC. 
We are so proud and blessed to have them on our porch!



Homeless in Flushing?

How can that be? 
Where can you go when you can’t go back home because of a dangerously, abusive relationship?  The YWCA Safe House was full!  All of the shelters in Flint were full!  To make matters worse, this all happened during the ice storm in April and even though it was too cold to survive outside, the warming center in Flint closed on April 1. 


What can you do for a client who is homeless in Flushing?  Pray! Pray! Pray!  “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isaiah” 65:24 

God answered our prayers and she is now housed and safe.

Suddenly, Jill’s Husband Became Critically Ill...

Jill and her husband had a thriving business that had been in the family for three generations.  During the recession, their small-town business was hit hard.  Employees were laid off and hours of operation were decreased.  The hard-working couple was determined to ride out the downturn. 
Suddenly, Jill’s husband became critically ill.  Now, every day she faces the struggle of keeping the business open and paying all the necessary medical bills.  Plus, she’s without her husband’s partnership of keeping the doors open. 
Recently, Jill’s family had no food in the house with no money to restock their pantry.  Fortunately, FCOC was there to help them through a difficult time.  Food assistance is critical to the health and well-being of families like Jill’s and can mean the difference between hunger and health.
Jill’s family is not alone.  Too many Flushing residents don’t always know where their next meal will come from.  Hunger is a terrifying reality for 2 in 10 people in our community and 1 in 6 Flushing children. FCOC’s mission is to reach out to those in need of food, clothing, prayer, and resources to navigate through an economic crisis. We invite you to be one of our warriors against poverty by praying, volunteering, and giving.  Our neighbors need you.

The Importance of a Friendly 'Hello'...

One of our volunteers was cleaning the porch outside of the outreach center.  A person walked by the center and  both exchanged pleasant hellos. 
The man suddenly stopped and came back to the bottom of the stairs.  He looked up at the volunteer and said, “Hey, I hear you can help people here.”  The volunteer’s genuine concern for the man came through in her caring answer, “We certainly do help people in our community who need food, clothing, personal items, and/or resources to other agencies who can assist in ways we can’t.  He replied, “It’s the end of the month and my disability check doesn’t come in until next week.  I really need some food and toiletries to get the through.” The mask of shame fell away from this man’s face the moment he found a friendly person who was willing to welcome him into our place of love.


We are thankful to help so many in our community.
Many of the people we help at FCOC are the senior residents in our community. Living on a fixed income, some of those residents have to make the choice between purchasing either vital medication or food each month.
The National Council for Aging Care published an important article regarding the facts behind senior hunger:
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Left to right: Front Row: Diane Jerichow, Caitlin Seavey, Second Row: Carole Hibbard  Back Row: Bill Abendschein, Noralyn Hassold, Evelyn Johnson

Carole Bearer

Eric Mason, Bob Krueger

Marie Gengler, Halle Slough

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We are thankful for all of the wonderful volunteers that serve at FCOC. Here are just a few of the many friendly and caring volunteers that you will see here.



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