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Helping Hands Partner

You or your business can be a key hands-on sustaining contributor by teaming up with FCOC as a Helping Hands Partner. Your charitable giving will go to work locally, and you can participate at whatever level is comfortable for you.

  • You decide on a regular donation amount that is electronically transferred to FCOC every month. 

  • You'll receive receipts, reports, and all relevant tax documents you need to track your giving.

Helping Hands Partners

Business Partners

American Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Consulting

BBL Consulting

Patriot Ambulance

Edward Jones, Eric Gasper

Lion’s Club

Flushing Women’s Club

Molina Healthcare


Individual Partners:

Joan Bishoff

Kim Boike

Patrick Boudreau

Nicholas Daddario

Rosemary Dessigner

Marie Christopher

James & Velma Graham

Patti Haner

William & Ruth Hemgesberg

Jim & Pam Kratz

Cheryl LaBombard

George & Lisa Marzonie

Timothy Maur

Nancy Meleski

Robert & Marty Metcalf

Jacqueline Mikesell

Richard & Carol Mitsdarfer

David & Rosie Petro

Richard Rankl

Joleen Rigan

Al & Deb Robinson

Sandi Rundell

David & Cathy Staley

Jim & Deb Stephenson

Karen Stevelinck

Barry Trantham

City of Flushing

Lenovo Employees Care Donors

Hanover Insurance Donors

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